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2016-2017 Breeding + Sales

Doe Bred Due/Fresh  Price Notes
American Alpine        
Heartbreaker 4*M *B Redwood Hills Rima Rendezvous 02/14/18 $700 All Does reserved CO, KS
Palasade *B Tempo Aquila Highlight Qi 03/26/18 $500**  
Flambeaux 8*M *B Tempo Aquila Highlight Qi 03/26/18 $500**  
Mardi Gras *B Redwood Hills Rima Rendezvous 03/28/18 $400**  
Freestyle Dancer *B Redwood Hills Rima Rendezvous 03/29/18 $400**  
French Alpine        
Berlin AI to Willow Run Chevalier Rutger 05/25/18 $700 All kids reserved WY, TX, OR
Tiffany +B GCH Willow Run Elvis Constello 03/22/18 $550**  
Tenerife +*B SGWillow Run Atlas Remus 03/22/18 $400**  
Bordeaux +B GCH Willow Run Elvis Costello 03/27/18 $500**  
Fresca *B Pearl Valley Mastemind 03/22/18 $400**  
Fame Sand Dance SDS Night Flight 03/08/18 $700** 1st buck reserved CO
Taxi +B GCH Willow Run Elvis Costello 03/22/18 $400**  
Tiara +*B SG Willow Run Atlas Remus 03/22/18 $400  
Fleur de Lis Hoach's NN Lyric Lifetime 04/27/18 $400  
Felicity Sand Dance SDS Night Flight 04/27/18 $400  
Tiger Lily AI to Hoach's Classic Labaron 05/25/18    
Tulsa Time McQuitty-Farm Bananagrams 03/13/18 $500** All does reserved CO, UT
LittleRedRodeo McQuitty-Farm Bananagrams 03/13/18 $500**  
SG Sonata 6*M McQuitty-Farm Bananagrams 03/26/18 $500** All does reserved CO, UT
Born tobe Blue McQuitty-Farm Bananagrams 02/14/18 $400** 2 Does reserved AZ, NE
Champagne AI to Windor Manor AA Victor     All kids reserved NM, CO

+ = Pen bred, exact due date unknown
**= Pregnancy confirmed by Bio-tracking or ultrasound

What would you like to reserve?
Out of which Dam?

     To order a Rancho-Snowfall kid from your mating of choice, a $50 deposit is required. Reservations are taken first come, first serve basis. In order to streamline the process, we have added the option of sending your deposit via PayPal. We will continue to accept check or money order as well.
     Of course you are more than welcome to contact us with any questions prior to placing your deposit. Our reservation chart will be updated and we will notify you when we have recieved your deposit. Thank you for choosing Rancho-Snowfall!

Frozen Semen For Sale

Semen can often be picked up at convention, nationals, or shipped to you from Rocky Mountain Sire Services.





*B CH Rockin-CB KV Headliner EX92
2010 Supreme All-American Buck



*B Rancho-Snowfall Tach Synergy


American Alpine

*B Redwood Hills Tribute Sailor
Son of Top Ten Production Doe


French Alpine    CH Iron Ron Rhett Manchester  
French Alpine    Rancho-Snowfall Bourne Identity


  • Quoted prices are for pre-reserved kids that are picked up or shipped prior to 6 weeks of age. We do not guarantee these prices for kids ordered after birth.
  • Discounts are offered on high quality 4-H and FFA project animals, for multiple purchases, and to our loyal customers.
  • We also offer commercial (non-registered) bucks, pack and pet quality weathers. Contact us for pricing.
  • To keep our herd small we also take deposits on nice yearling milkers, and some mature animals. Click here for more information.

Dr. James H.E. Haught, DVM ★ 2395 CR 142  ★ Elizabeth, CO 80107 970-420-4133 haughtdvm@gmail.com
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