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Current LaMancha, Alpine & Saanen Sires


Natural Sire-Stud Service Available-Breeding Fee $75    
*B Rancho-Snowfall Tach Synergy Purebred LaMancha 03/07/13

Sire: +*B SG Kastdemur's Tach Lach
Sire of the 2013 National Champion
  S. Sire: +*B SGCH Kastdemur's Sting
  S. Dam: SGCH Kastdemur's Evian 2*M 5-06 EX 94 EEEE
              2008 and 2009 National Champion
Dam: Heart Mt Sumaya 5*M 2-02 EX 90 EEEV
  D. Sire: *B Heart Mt Chattahoochee
  D. Dam: Heart Mt. Samara 4*M
               2009 3rd Place Intermediate Kid Nationals

Linear Appraisal:

Show Placings:

Alpha S1 Casein



iewEvan side

Dam: Heart Mt Sumaya 5*M 2-02 90 EEEV

Pat. Granddam: SGCH Kastdemur's Evian 2*M 94EEEE
2008 + 2009 National Champion
Photos courtesy of Kastdemur's Dairy Goats

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Natural Sire
*B Kastdemur's  Ethos Purebred LaMancha 03/08/2014

Sire: ++*B Becca's Hemingway
  S. Sire: ++*B One*Oak*Hill Medicine Tumult
  S. Dam: SGCH Me's Ranch Dutch Hesba
Dam: GCH Kastdemur's Avena 3*M
          2012 ADGA National Champion
  D. Sire: +*B GCH Kastdemur's Watch Yourself
  D. Dam:  SGCH Kastdemur's Evian 2*M EX 94
                 2008 and 2009 ADGA National Champion

Linear Appraisal:


Show Wins:

DNA on file

Alpha S1 Casein

I fell in love with Avena at the 2012 National show and couldn't be more pleased with her being bred to the sire of the 2005 National Champion. Ethos is powerful yet refined and smoothly blended. We are excited to breed all of our LaManchas to him this year.
SGCH Kastdemur's Slice 3*M
2005 ADGA National Champion
Ethos' dam: GCH Kastdemur's Avena 3*M
2012 ADGA National Champion

Photos courtesy of Kastdemur's Dairy Goats


*B Redwood Hills Ember Sebastian American Alpine May 2001

Sire: ++*B Qu'Appelle V Ember
  S. Sire: ++*B Angle-Prairie Vega Vlaminck VG88
  S. Dam: GCH Qu'Appelle Supersoni Exlipse 4*M EX 92
Dam: Redwood Hills Dynamic Passion 6*M
  D. Sire: +*B Sanstorms Dynamic
  2002 National Premier Sire
  D. Dam: Granite-Oaks Purr-T-Peach 5*M

Linear Appraisal
  1-1 78 AV+

Show Placings

Sebastian was a truly special buck, and the foundation behind the Harmondy Alpine herd. With semen in very short supply I am excited to have History confirmed bred to him. His daughter Bria was a once in a lifetime doe, long, tall, elegant and able to reproduce herself through her daughters. I had the opportunity to see Dynamic Passion at the 2002 National Show where her sire was named the National Premier Sire. History is confirmed bred to Sebastian for spring 2015 kids.
Daughter: SGCH Harmody ES Con Bria EX-92
2011 National Champion
Photo courtesy of Harmody Alpines
Pat. sister: SGCH Redwood Hills Ember Amicale 8*M EX-93
2009 National Champion; 2007 Nat'l RGCH
Photo courtesy of Redwood Hills


+*B SG Redwood Hills Revolution Speed American Alpine 05/22/2007

Sire: ++*B Willow Run Wonder Revolution
  S. Sire: ++*B Willow Run Abraham Wonder VG88
  S. Dam: SGCH Willow Run Armand Rishona 2*M EX92
             2000,  2002, 2003 & 2004 ADGA National Champion
Dam: SGCH Redwood Hills F Sebastienne 11*M EX93
  D. Sire: ++*B Tempo Aquila Free Lance EX91
  D. Dam: SG Redwood Hills Journey Shalimar 10*M VG89

Linear Appraisal
 5-01 87 VEE

Show Placings

Speed is a son of the remarkable Sebastienne - a doe who was nationally competitive both in the milk parlor and in the show ring. speed has now been used across the country with many permanent champion daughters. We are excited to bring this half brother to Sailor's genetics into the herd and have him bred to Lucille for spring 2015 kids.



Dam: SGCH Redwood Hills F Sebastienne 11*M

Pat. granddam: SGCH Willow Run Armand Rishona 2*M

Daughter: GCH Hoach's RWHS Kriteria


Phoro of Sebastienne courtesy of Redwood Hill Farm
Photo of Kriteria courtesy of Pearl Valley Alpines

+*B GCH Windrush Farms IRS Charmer Purebred French Alpine 03/08/2009
2014 National Premier Sire    

Sire: +B Iron-Rod ET Sheriff VG86
  S. Sire: +*B GCH Qu'Appelle V Etienne EX90
  S. Dam: CH Sanstorms Super Shyne VG89
Dam: SG Angel-Prairie Dutch Cinnamon 4*M EX91
  D. Sire: *B Angel-Prairie Sly Dutch Boy VG87
  D. Dam: SG Angel-Prairie V Vanillabrownie 3*M VG86

Linear Appraisal
 4-06  89 VEV

Show Placings

DNA On File

Charmer daughters have caught my eye over the last couple of years. He consistently has very stylish daughters with long necks and smooth front ends. We are excited to have Berlin and Fame confirmed bred to him for spring 2015 kids.



Daughter: GCH PJBailey's Charemr Aglimmer 6*M EX91

Daughter: GCH PJBailey's Charmer Apphia VG89

Photos courtesy of PJ Bailey's



Natural Sire - Stud Service Available- Breeding fee $100.00    
CH Iron-Rod Rhett Manchester (AI) Purebred French Alpine April 2011

Sire: +*B Willow Run Ahren Rhett EX 90EEE
  S. Sire: B Willow Run Caesar Ahren
  S. Dam: SGCH Willow Run Armond Rishona 3*M EX 92EEEE
             2000, 2002, 2003 & 2004 ADGA National Champion
Dam: CH Iron-Rod Etienne Mandalay EX 92EEEE
          2nd Place 4yr old 2008 ADGA National Show
  D. Sire: B CH QuáAppelle V Etienne LA 90VEE
  D. Dam: H Iron-Rod SPF Morocco

Linear Appraisal
 1-2 87 VVV
3-5 88 VVE

Show Placings
4 times Grand Champion
1 time Reserve Champion

Manchester is our new French buck we purchased in consortium with Harmondy Alpines. This buck is long and level, with a ton of style. We love the strength and elegance of the Rhett daughters, and the opportunity to bring in the four time national champion Rishona's genetics to our herd.

Manchester´s Dam, Mandalay, is very sharp and angular, with the typical style and presence you would expect from and Iron-Rod doe. She has preformed well on the national stage placing in the top of her class several times. Mandalay´s sire, Etienne, is a littermate to the famous Ember, who has sired several national champions and class winners in the last several years. 

Manchester has 3 daughters in the herd: Pellegrini, Truly and Lucile.  Manchester has been collected by Cam Faircloth and semen is available for $25/straw.          


Mandalay, Manchester's Dam
Manchester's Sire's Dam

CH Iron-Rod Etienne Mandalay EX 92EEEE (Dam)
Photo Courtesy of Leslie and Larry Sidwell.

GCH Willow Run Armond Rishona 3*M EX 92EEEE (Paternal Granddam)
2000, 2002, 2003 & 2004 ADGA National Champion

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Natural Sire - Stud Service Available- Breeding fee $75.00    
Rancho-Snowfall  Bourne Identity         French Alpine 3-09-2014

Sire: ++*B Hoach's Lyuric Landmark
  S. Sire: ++*B Serendipity's Designer Genes
  S. Dam: GCH Hoach's SRS Lyric 4*M
Dam: Sand Dance SND Berlin 2*M  EX90
  D. Sire:*B Sand-Dance WRS Night Deposit
  D. Dam: GCH Sand-Dance HLL Beyonce 1*M

Linear Appraisal


Show Wins

Bourne is a stylish paternal half brother to Armand. he is very open, angular and dairy. Both sides of this pedigree stack strong mammary for many generations. This buck was used heavily this fall in our French Alpine program. Semen is available on the farm.
Berlin 2 years oldBerlin rear view
Dam: Sand-Dance SND Berlin

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Natural Sire - Stud Service Available- Breeding fee $75.00    
Rancho-Snowfall  RWHS Hollister             American Alpine 3-22-2014

Sire: *B Redwood Hills Tribute Sailor
  S. Sire: *B Tempo Aquila Fortune Tribute
               Son of the 2006 National Champion
  S. Dam:SGCH Redwood Hills F Seabastinne 11*M EX93
               2 X's Top Ten Milk Production
Dam: Hoach's SMXR History
  D. Sire:++*B Shining Moon X-Rated
  D. Dam: GCH Hoach's RHRS Heredity 2*M

Linear Appraisal
Show Placings
2X Jr. Champion
Hollister is from our last set of kids to be sired live by Sailor. We feel he exemplifies the length and stature this line is known for with balanced bone and power. Although much of the herd was too close to use him this fall, we have many breedings planned to him in 2015.


Dam: Hoach's SMXR History

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Natural Sire -    
*B Colquitt's Richard Lee American Alpine 04/16/2014

Sire: *B Colquitt's Blueprint
  S. Sire: ++*B SGCH Shahena'ko Sumo Tierro
  S. Dam: GCH Colquitt's Vera 4*M EX91
Dam: GCH Colquitt's Ballarina 3*M EX91
  D. Sire: ++*B SGCH Milar-Farm Royal Image EX90
  D. Dam: SGCH Colquitt's Sarazina 2*M EX92

Linear Appraisal


Show Placings


When Richard Lee came to Colorado, I knew we had to try him. I had admired how well this line had crossed with the SGCH Redwood Hills F Sebastian line and thought this might really work well here. Richard is a jet black buck, very dairy and smoothly blended. Thank you to Broken Shovels Farm for the opportunity to use him.

Mat. granddam: SGCH Colquitt's Sarazina 2*M

Pat. granddam: GCH Colquitt's Vera 4*M

Photos courtesy of Colquitt's Alpines

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AI Sire
++*B SGCH Shahena'ko Sumo Tierro American Alpine 03/13/88
1998 National Premier Sire    

Sire: ++*B SG Shahena'ko W Sumo
  S. Sire: ++*B SGCH Shahena'ko V Whiskey VG85
  S. Dam: SGCH Shahena'ko S Kamikaze 4*M EX92
  1988 & 1990 Nat'l GCH; 1989 Nat'l RGCH
Dam: GCH Shahena'ko S Tierra 3*M EX91
                    1985 & 1987 Nat'l GCH
  D. Sire: ++*B SG Sodium Oaks Sasin
  D. Dam: Jo-Lin's P J Aggie 2*M VG87

Linear Appraisal


Show Placings



Daughter: SGCH Paisley Parks T Kenya EX92
1998 Reserve National Champion
Photo courtesy of Walnut Fork Alpines

Dam: SGCH Shahena'ko S Tierra
1985 & 1987 National Champion

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AI Sire    
++*B Sodium Oaks Sasin American Alpine 04/16/2014
5 Time National Premier Sire

Sire: ++*B SGCH Sodium Oaks Royal Risk VG85
  S. Sire: ++*B SG Sodium Oaks Classic Port Salut VG85
  S. Dam: GCH Sodium Oaks T.C. Peregrine 4*M VG86
Dam: GCH Sodium Oaks Kiwi Mallow 3*M EX91
               1982 Nat'l Reserve Grand Champion
  D. Sire: ++*B GCH Sodium Oaks Kiwi VG86
  D. Dam: Sodium Oaks Jamaca 2*M

Linear Appraisal


Show Placings


The most well known buck in the Alpine breed. Sasin daughters dominated the national show throughout the 1980's and remains influential in many of the top pedigrees of today's animals. As we have gotten further away from the Sodium Oaks animals it seemed appropriate to use this amazing sire on one of our most modern does to get back some of those traits. Paris Original is confirmed bred to him for spring 2015 kids.

Daughter: SGCH Shahena'ko Sasin Tokay EX92
Top Ten Milker
1985 Reserve National Champion
1986 National Champion

Daughter: GCH Washoe Zypher SOS Phesant


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