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Sr. Saanen Does

GCH Loughlin´s Day At The Beach 1*M American Saanen 2/27/2007-1/23/2012

Sire: ++*B Willow-Run Victor Sloan
  S. Sire: ++B Windsor-Manor AA Victor 07-03 91EEE
               2004 National Premier Sire
  S. Dam: GCH Willow-Run V. Q. Sneer 2*M
              Daughter of the 2004 National Champion
Dam: Willow-Run Victor Destiny
           Full Sister to 2003 National Champion & Best Udder
  D. Sire: ++B Windsor-Manor AA Victor 07-03 91 EEE
              2004 National Premire Sire
  D. Dam: Windsor-Manor DM Delight’s Dee 1*M

Linear Appraisal
02-06 92 EEEE
Show Placings
6 times Grand Champion
1 time Reserve Grand Champion
4 times Best Of Breed
4 times Best Udder In Show
2009 National Show 2 year Old Class
7th Place/3rd Udder
4-01 162 1630 48 44

     Day was a beautiful doe with an amazing globular udder. She had a beautiful full fore udder that was as long as a country mile paired with a striking rear udder. Her pedigree is one packed with animals that have excelled at the national level. This doe really had eye appeal and elegance balanced with power, grounded on sound feet. Day easily finished at the first shows we took her to and picked up several Best Udder In Show tittles. On her fourth lactation, Day averaged 1 and 1/4 gallons a day with 2.7% protein and 3% butterfat.
     We were ecstatic to have the opportunity to bring Day home in 2010 and devastated when we lost her in January of 2012. We lost Day suddenly and unexpectedly, the necropsy we had preformed had no answers as to cause of death. We miss Day's presence in our herd and lament the fact that she died before being having the chance to compete in her Prime against National competition. Day will forever have an impact on the Saanen breed, through her sons and granddaughters. We were fortunate enough to have her son, Rancho-Snowfall King For A Day, born here on the farm, and when we restart our Saanen program we hope to be able to use him in our herd through AI.

Day at the Beach

Day At The Beach 2 year old

Day Yearling

Day At The Beach Yearling

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