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Past LaMancha and Alpine Sires

Semen available @ $30.00/straw    
*B CH Rockin-CB KV Headliner Purebred LaMancha 03/03/2006
2009 Reserve All American 3 + 4 Year Old Buck    

Sire: +*B SGCH Kastdemur´s Vigilante News 3-05 89 VEE
  S. Sire: +*B Kastdemur´s Deviant 3-02 90 VEE
  S. Dam: SGCH Kastdemur´s Bad News 3*M 4-05 EX92 VEEE
Dam: GCH Rockin-CB C Philistina 6*M 5-0491 EEEE
           2004 All American Aged Doe
  D. Sire:: +*B Me´s Ranch Alex Check Mate
  D. Dam: Rockin-CB Delilah 5*M

Linear Appraisal
04-04 92 EEE
Show Placings
2 times Best Buck in Show
2 times Best of Breed
3 times Grand Champion
3 times Reserve Grand Champion

Headliner has really matured into a handsome structurally correct buck. He has had consistent success in the show ring, bringing home multiple Best In Show wins. He has also preformed well at the national level in the All-American program, winning Reserve and Overall Supreme titles. Headliner has repeatedly thrown sharp, showy offspring with tons of color!

We are also seeing many Vigilante daughters freshen all over the country with high, wide, productive, and stylish udders in herds like Redwood Hills and Rockin-CB. Headliner´s dam, Philistina, was the 2004 LaMancha All American Aged Doe. He has been collected by Frozen Assets and semen is available for $30 a straw. Headliner is the sire of two does
within our herd; Rancho-Snowfall Adalida and Rancho-Snowfall Baby Blue.

Wild Blue

Paternal Half sister, Rockin-CB KV Wild Blue, 2010 Reserve All-American 4 Year Old
Photo Courtesy of Rockin-CB LaManchas

Rancho Snowfall Baby Blue 3*M
Daughter of *B CH Rockin-CB KV Headliner

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AI Sire  
+*B SG Kastdemur's Tach Lach Purebred LaMancha
2009 and 2012 National Premier Sire
Sire of the 2013 National Champion

Sire: +*B SGCH Kastdemur´s Sting
  S. Sire: *B Mauld´s MM Expensive Habit
  S. Dam: SGCH Kastdemur´ Slice 3*M 5-05 EX 93 EEEE
              2005 National Champion
Dam: SGCH Kastdemur´s Evian 2*M 5-06 EX 94 EEEE
           2008 and 2009 National Champion
  D. Sire: GCH ++B One Oak Hill Medicine Tumalt
              5 X National Premier Sire
  D. Dam: SGCH Kastdemur´s Sprite 1*M 7-01 EX 92 EEEE

It has been awhile since a buck has taken the breed by storm, if he continues on this path he is likely to be as influential as Dutch Belted. Tach Lach´s daughters are consistently large, strong mammaried does, with lots of ring presence. His daughter Evianna was the 2012 and 2009 Reserve National Champion. His dam is the only doe in the breed to score EX 94 and the only doe of any breed to score it twice! Not only is she beautiful, but productive with four lactations above 3,000# one of them earning her Top Ten honors! His maternal half sister, Avena, was named the 2012 National Champion LaMancha in Colorado. Tach Lach is the sire of our two does, SG Rancho-Snowfall Tach About Me and SG Rancho-Snowfall Little Less Tach. We will be using Tach Lach this year on Tulsa for spring 2013 Kids.

iewEvan side evian back view

Dam: SGCH Kastdemur´s Evian 2*M 94EEEE
2008 + 2009 National Champion
Photos courtesy of Kastdemur's

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AI Sire    
+B Dagron Taipei's Toronto Purebred LaMancha  

Sire:+B One Oak Hill Tumbleweed Taipei
  S. Sire: ++*B One Oak Hill MAC Tumble Weed
  S. Dam: SGCH One Oak Hill Payne Talpa 06-00 90 EVVE
Dam: SGCH Hogg´s-Hideaway Casmira 04-04 92 EEEE
           2000 National Champion
           Maternal Sister to 2001 National Champion
  D. Sire: +*B Redwood-Hills Nomad Scout 07-05 90 VEE
  D. Dam:SGCH Hogg´s-Hideaway Chimera 1*M 06-03 91 EEEE
               1994 and 1996 National Champion

Linear Appraisal
04-02 91 EEE

Toronto´s maternal line is rich in beautiful National Champions with consistently strong linear appraisal scores. He is a full brother to the 2001 High Selling Spotlight sale doe, CH Hogg´s-Hideaway Ceiwen and the sire of the 2008 Junior National Champion. Toronto was recently awarded the title of 2010 All-American Junior Get of Sire by the American LaMancha Club and many of his daughters have placed first at the National Show.

We have been consistently impressed with the strength of udder attachment and beautiful general appearance Toronto gives his progeny. With so many influential offspring in herds across the country, we look forward to seeing his impact here in Colorado. Toronto is the sire of two does, Rancho-Snowfall Tulsa Time and Rancho-Snowfall Texas Tornado as well as our new herdsire, Rancho-Snowfall Luckenbach.

Dagron Taipei´s Toronto EX91
Photo Courtesy of Kastdemur´s

Daughter: Kastdemur´s Survivor Fiji 3*M EX91
Photo Courtesy of Kastdemur´s

Daughter GCH Kastdemur´s DewBeDewBeDew 3*M EX91
Photo Courtesy of Kastdemur´s

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AI Sire    
++*B GCH Me´s Ranch Dutch Belted Purebred LaMancha  
3 Time National Premier Sire    

Sire: ++*B Me´s Ranch Saxon Tucker
  S. Sire: ++*B Longden Acres E Saxon
  S. Dam: Running Box Tess 1*M
Dam: GCH Me´s Ranch Lamar Chantilly 1*M
  D. Sire: *B Me´s Ranch Oscar's Lamar
  D. Dam: Me´s Ranch Oscar's Cascade

There is no way to truly describe the impact of this buck on the breed nor include all the accolades in this short homage to Dutch Belted. He was used heavily all along the west cost in notable herds such as Redwood Hills, Barranca's, Quixote, and Me´s Ranch.
But his influence was much farther reaching through artificial insemination and notable sons, Hannibal and Harlequin, carried him coast to coast. Over the span of two decades he has sired multiple national champions, been named national premier sire, and appears in nearly every pedigree of current LaManchas. Look no further than Rockspring, One Oak Hills, Becca's, and Kastdemur´s to find his compounded influence on type and mammaries. Dutch Belted is the sire of our doe, Lil´ DutchGirl and junior herdsire, Tach Dutch.

Dutch Hesba side view
Dutch MIran side view

GCH Me´s Ranch Dutch Hesba (Daughter)
Photo courtesy of Redwood Hills Farm

GCH Redwood Hills Dutch Mirin (Daughter)
1ST place Aged doe 2002 National Show
Photo courtesy Redwood Hills Farm

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AI Sire    
*B Kastdemur's Voss Purebred LaMancha  

Sire: *B CH Kastdemur´s Landslide EX92
  S. Sire: ++*B GCH Elm Glen Brazil
  S. Dam: SGCH Kastdemur´s Slice EX93
              2003 National Champion
Dam: SGCH Kastdemur´s Evian 2*M
         2008 and 2009 National Champion
  D. Sire: ++*B GCH One Oak Hill Mac Tumalt
              7 Time National Premier Sire
  D. Dam:SGCH Kastdemur´s Sprite 1*M EX92

Voss is a 3/4 brother to the 2009 National Premier Sire, +*B SG Kastdemur´s Tach Lach. As you can tell, we like his dam, Evian. She has done it all. Her accolades include multiple wins of Supreme Doe, All American, National Champion. Her daughters and sons are proving to be some of the top animals in the breed as well. To date she has had four daughters. One was a Junior National Champion and the other three appraised 89(first freshener) to 92. Voss is one buck to watch out for!

A huge thank you to Jose and Ruben for allowing us the opportunity to use Voss AI on Cowgirl and Tachie.

Voss has 2 daughters in our herd: Rancho-Snowfall Hello Darlin´ and Rancho-Snowfall Voss My Maria.

Evian side view Slice side view

SGCH Kastdemur´s Evian 2*M EX94 (Dam)
2008 and 2009 National Champion
Photo courtesy of Kastdemur's Dairy Goats

SGCH Kastdemur´s Slice 3*M" (Paternal Grand Dam)
2003 National Champion
Photo courtesy of Kastdemur's Dairy Goats

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AI Sire    
*B Kastdemur´s Rhone Purebred LaMancha  

Sire: *B Kastdemur´s Watch Your Self
  S. Sire: *B Elm Glen Brazil
  S. Dam: GCH Kastdemur´s Make7upyours
Dam: SGCH Kastdemur´s Evian 2*M
         2008 and 2009 National Champion
  D. Sire: ++*B GCH One Oak Hill Tumalt
  D. Dam:SGCH Sprite 1*M

Rhone is the third son of the amazing Evian we will be using in our program with Tach Lach and Voss. Rhone´s litter mate Avena is one of the most striking LaMancha does being both extremely tall and elegant. Rhon´'s first fresh daughters at Redwood Hills have done exceptionally well this summer with tremendous area of udder attachment, strong general appearance and good production. We are excited about this buck and have bred him to several of the top does this year including Liana, Adalida, Tusla and Tornado. Sadly, the breed lost Rhone, his dam, Evian, and his aunt, Shasta, this year.

Rhone is the sire of our doe, LittleRedRodeo, and our new junior LaMancha herdsire, CadillacCowboy

Molalla side view Avena side view

Goat-San Molalla (Daughter)
Photo courtesy of Trinity Smith

SGCH Kastdemur´s Avena 3*M (Littermate)
Photo courtesy of Kastdemur's Dairy Goats

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Natural Sire
*B Kastdemur's  Ethos Purebred LaMancha 03/08/2014

Sire: ++*B Becca's Hemingway
  S. Sire: ++*B One*Oak*Hill Medicine Tumult
  S. Dam: SGCH Me's Ranch Dutch Hesba
Dam: GCH Kastdemur's Avena 3*M
          2012 ADGA National Champion
  D. Sire: +*B GCH Kastdemur's Watch Yourself
  D. Dam:  SGCH Kastdemur's Evian 2*M EX 94
                 2008 and 2009 ADGA National Champion


Linear Appraisal:


Show Wins:

DNA on file

Alpha S1 Casein

I fell in love with Avena at the 2012 National show and couldn't be more pleased with her being bred to the sire of the 2005 National Champion. Ethos is powerful yet refined and smoothly blended. We are excited to breed all of our LaManchas to him this year.
SGCH Kastdemur's Slice 3*M
2005 ADGA National Champion
Ethos' dam: GCH Kastdemur's Avena 3*M
2012 ADGA National Champion

Photos courtesy of Kastdemur's Dairy Goats

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Natural Sire
Rancho-Snowfall Troubadour Purebred LaMancha 2-22-15

Sire: *B Kastdemur's Ethos
  S. Sire: ++*B Becca's Hemingway
  S. Dam: GCH Kastdemur's Avena 3*M
  2012 ADGA National Champion
Dam: Rancho-Snowfall Tulsa Time 2*M (AI)
  D. Sire:  ++B Dagron Taipei's Toronto 92 EEE
  D. Dam: SGCH Velvet-Acres Lexus' Liana 1*M EX92

Linear Appraisal

1-06    88 VEE

Show Placings

Troubadour - 2015

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Dam of Zephyr: SGCH Redwood Hills Lance Zuri 9*M
Natural Sire -    
Redwood Hills Jazz Zephyr
Elite Buck
American Alpine 05/23/2010

Sire: +*B Redwood Hills Sierra Jazzman
  S. Sire: +*B Redwood Hills Ember Sierra
  S. Dam: SGCH Companeros Sequoia Jazz 9*M 91 VEEE
Dam: SGCH Redwood Hills Lance Zuri 9*M 92 EEEE
  D. Sire: +*B Tempo Aquila Freelance 91 EEE
  D. Dam: SGCH Redwood Hills Ransom Zoe 8*M 90 EEEE

Linear Appraisal


Show Placings

DNA on File



Full sister to Zephyr:
SG Redwood Hills Jazz Zuri 10*M EX90
Photo courtesy of Redwood Hills

Zephyr daughter;
CH Mamm-Key Poet's Poetry
Photo courtesy of Blackwing Dairy Goats

Zephyr daughter:
CH MLGH Zeph/QM Tumblewood
2016 National Junior Champion Grade
Photo courtesy of
Blackwing Dairy Goats
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Natural Sire -    
Rancho-Snowfall B Supremacy French Alpine 03/17/2015

Sire: *+*B GCH Windrush Farms IRS Charmer 89 VEV
  S. Sire: ++*B Iron-Rod ET Sheriff 86 +VE
  S. Dam: SG Angel-Prairie Dutch Cinnamon 4*M 91 EEEE
Dam: Sand Dance SND Berlin 2*M 87 VVVV
  D. Sire: *B Sand Dance WRS Night Deposit
  D. Dam: GCH Sand Dance HLL Beyonce' 1*M

Linear Appraisal


Show Placings

DNA on File


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Natural Sire - Stud Service Available- Breeding fee $75.00    
Rancho-Snowfall  Bourne Identity         French Alpine 3-09-2014

Sire: ++*B Hoach's Lyuric Landmark
  S. Sire: ++*B Serendipity's Designer Genes
  S. Dam: GCH Hoach's SRS Lyric 4*M
Dam: Sand Dance SND Berlin 2*M  EX90
  D. Sire:*B Sand-Dance WRS Night Deposit
  D. Dam: GCH Sand-Dance HLL Beyonce 1*M

Linear Appraisal


Show Wins

Bourne is a stylish paternal half brother to Armand. he is very open, angular and dairy. Both sides of this pedigree stack strong mammary for many generations. This buck was used heavily this fall in our French Alpine program. Semen is available on the farm.
Berlin 2 years oldBerlin rear view
Dam: Sand-Dance SND Berlin

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+*B GCH Windrush Farms IRS Charmer Purebred French Alpine 03/08/2009
2014 National Premier Sire    

Sire: +B Iron-Rod ET Sheriff VG86
  S. Sire: +*B GCH Qu'Appelle V Etienne EX90
  S. Dam: CH Sanstorms Super Shyne VG89
Dam: SG Angel-Prairie Dutch Cinnamon 4*M EX91
  D. Sire: *B Angel-Prairie Sly Dutch Boy VG87
  D. Dam: SG Angel-Prairie V Vanillabrownie 3*M VG86

Linear Appraisal
 4-06  89 VEV

Show Placings

DNA On File

Charmer daughters have caught my eye over the last couple of years. He consistently has very stylish daughters with long necks and smooth front ends. We are excited to have Berlin and Fame confirmed bred to him for spring 2015 kids.



Daughter: GCH PJBailey's Charemr Aglimmer 6*M EX91

Daughter: GCH PJBailey's Charmer Apphia VG89
Photos courtesy of PJ Bailey's

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AI Sire
++*B SGCH Shahena'ko Sumo Tierro American Alpine 03/13/88
1998 National Premier Sire    

Sire: ++*B SG Shahena'ko W Sumo
  S. Sire: ++*B SGCH Shahena'ko V Whiskey VG85
  S. Dam: SGCH Shahena'ko S Kamikaze 4*M EX92
  1988 & 1990 Nat'l GCH; 1989 Nat'l RGCH
Dam: GCH Shahena'ko S Tierra 3*M EX91
                    1985 & 1987 Nat'l GCH
  D. Sire: ++*B SG Sodium Oaks Sasin
  D. Dam: Jo-Lin's P J Aggie 2*M VG87

Linear Appraisal


Show Placings



Daughter: SGCH Paisley Parks T Kenya EX92
1998 Reserve National Champion
Photo courtesy of Walnut Fork Alpines

Dam: SGCH Shahena'ko S Tierra
1985 & 1987 National Champion

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Natural Sire -    
*B Colquitt's Richard Lee American Alpine 04/16/2014

Sire: *B Colquitt's Blueprint
  S. Sire: ++*B SGCH Shahena'ko Sumo Tierro
  S. Dam: GCH Colquitt's Vera 4*M EX91
Dam: GCH Colquitt's Ballarina 3*M EX91
  D. Sire: ++*B SGCH Milar-Farm Royal Image EX90
  D. Dam: SGCH Colquitt's Sarazina 2*M EX92

Linear Appraisal


Show Placings


When Richard Lee came to Colorado, I knew we had to try him. I had admired how well this line had crossed with the SGCH Redwood Hills F Sebastian line and thought this might really work well here. Richard is a jet black buck, very dairy and smoothly blended. Thank you to Broken Shovels Farm for the opportunity to use him.

Mat. granddam: SGCH Colquitt's Sarazina 2*M

Pat. granddam: GCH Colquitt's Vera 4*M

Photos courtesy of Colquitt's Alpines

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Natural Sire - Stud Service Available - Breeding fee $75.00    
*B Rancho-Snowfall Tach Dutch (AI) Purebred LaMancha 3/8/2012

Sire: ++*B GCH Me´s Ranch Dutch Belted
3-time National Premier Sire
  S. Sire:++*B Me´ s Ranch Saxon Tucker
  S. Dam:GCH Me´s Ranch Lamar Chantilly 1*M
Dam: SG Rancho-Snowfall LittleLessTach (AI) 2*M
  D. Sire: SG +*B Kastdemur´s Tach Lach
              2009 National Premire Sire
  D. Dam: SGCH Velvet-Acres Lexus´ Liana 1*M 92EEEE

Linear Appraisal
0-3 Ec V Ec = Ec
Show Placings
1 time Reserve Jr. Champion

Tach Dutch is the product of the best of classic and contemporary lines. This buck is very correct in type with tones of substance of bone, strong feet and legs. His sire, Dutch Belted, is a buck who needs no introduction, and his impact on the breed far reaching. We really admired watching his daughters mature, although starlets in their prime they where still productive, functional, and very competitive in the show ring until old age. On Tach Dutch's maternal side, he comes from a lovely Liana daughter. Lil has exquisite general appearance being a well proportioned wedge shape and is smooth and graceful on the move. Needless to say, we really like this buck and you will be seeing him in the future.


Tach Dutch side view Rancho-Snowfall Tach Dutch
Dutch Mirin
GCH Redwood Hills Dutch Mirin (Paternal Sister)
1st place Aged Doe 2002 National Show
Photo courtesy Redwood Hills Farm

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Natural Sire- Stud Service Available - Breeding fee $100.00    
*B Redwood Hills Tribute Sailor American Alpine 5/24/2009

Sire:*B Tempo Aquila Fortune Tribute
  S. Sire: ++*B Redwood Hills Journey Fortune EX 90
             Son of the 1999 Reserve National Champion
             Sire of 5 Champion daughters
  S. Dam: SGCH Tempo Aquila Tokay 5*M EX93
             2008 National Champion
Dam: SGCH Redwood Hills F Sebastienne 11*M EX93
        2008 All American 4-5 year olds
        2 place/2nd Udder 2007 National Show
        Top Ten 2008: 3-11 305 3910 128 106
  D. Sire: ++*B SG Tempo Aquila Freelance EX91
             2009 National Premier Sire
  D. Dam:SG Redwood Hills Journey Shalimar 10*M

Linear Appraisal
3-1 87 VEV
Show Placings
2 times Reserve Grand Champion
2 times First Place
Alpha S1 Casein
DNA Typed

We are excited to welcome Sailor to our breeding program. He is a son of SGCH Redwood Hills F. Sebastienne 11*M EX93 EEEE. We spotted Sebastienne at the 2007 National Show where she placed second in her class. She won many awards in her short life including the 2008 All American 4-5 year old and was over 6 times Best Doe In Show. A strong hopeful for the 2009 National show, it was a shock to the Alpine world when she passed away before we could see her compete. A truly exceptional doe, she not only combined beautiful conformation with top-ten milk production, but her four daughters averaged 88.5 on linear appraisal. Sebastienne left behind three remarkable sons; including Randy Hoach's herd sire, Redwood Hills Revolution Speed, who is making a major impact on the breed.

Sailors paternal side is just as strong. His sire, Tribute, is a son of the 2008 National Champion SGCH Tempo Tokay 5*M EX93 EEEE. Tribute is also a paternal half-brother to 5 finished champions, three of which scored EX92 or above! Tributes littermate, Jack, has already sired two finished champions.

Sailor is a huge buck, scoring 50 in stature as a two year old. He is long and level over the topline. His first daughters are already doing exceptionally well in the show ring earning their dry legs, and one placed 5TH in her class at Nationals. We can't wait to see Sailor's first fresh daughters this coming Spring, and will be using him on our does History, Lucille, Moondust and Dream for Spring 2014 American Alpine kids. A huge thank you to Tina and Duane of Mamm-Key for letting Sailor come live on the other side of the mountain and the team at Redwood Hills for breeding this fine gentleman.

Sailor will also be available to service a limited number of outside does, by appointment only. Contact us to book a spot for your does in Sailor's 2013 breeding calender. We are having Sailor collected this fall by BioGenics and semen will be available for $60.


Sebatienne side view
Sebastienne rear view

SGCH Redwood Hills F. Sebastienne 11*M EX93 EEEE (Dam of Sailor) )
photo courtesy of Redwood Hills Farm

Tokay side view
Sebiscuit side view

SGCH Tempo Aquila Tokay 5*M (Paternal Gran-Dam of Sailor)
photo courtesy of Lauren Acton

Seabiscuit (Maternal Half Sister to Sailor)
Daughter of SGCH Sebastienne
photo courtesy of Redwood Hills Farm

Mam-Key side view
Tribute Rhianna side view

Mamm-Key Poet´s Epic
(2 year old daughter of Sailor)
5TH Place 2y 2012 Nationals

SG Redwood Hills Tribute Rianna 12*M
(Paternal Sister)
Photo Courtesy Redwood Hills Farm


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