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LaMancha Reference Does

SGCH Velvet-Acres Lexus' Liana 1*M Purebred LaMancha 03/28/02

Sire: +*B Velvet-Acres Mega Man


S. Sire: +*B Me's Ranch Touch Of Class


S. Dam: SGCH Lady-Bug Greystroke Omega 4*M

Dam: CH Velvet-Acres Lexus


D. Sire: ++*B SG Redwood Hills Emmett Viking


D. Dam: Rockin-CB Emilio's Rose Royce

Linear Appraisal
8-03  92 EEEE
Show Placings
1 time Best Doe in Show
1 time Best Udder in Show

3 times Grand Champion
4 times Reserve Grand Champion

Alpha S1 Casein
8-01 168 1890  71  57
Liana is a true matriarch - always producing daughters equal or better than herself. She is a stylish LaMancha with exceptional attachment to her mammary and stands sound on a correct set of feet and legs.

One of the last Velvet Acres LaManchas, we were thrilled when Debbie had a daughter of Leus for us. This maternal line has consistently produced lovely does like GH Liana, SGCH Jaguar Lady (EX91), CH Eclipse, Alexia and Rodeo.

At 9 years old and on her 9th lactation, Liana averaged just under 1 and 1/2 gallons a day with 3% protein and 3.7% butterfat.

Liana has been retired for 2014.

Liana has five daughters in our herd Cowgirl, Tach About Me, Little Les Tach, Tulsa Time and LittleRedRodeo. She is also the dam of our bucks, Luckenbach and CadillicCowboy.


SGCH Velvet-Acres Lexus' Liana

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SG Rancho-Snowfall CowgirlDontCry (AI) 2*M Purebred LaMancha 04/13/09

Sire: +*B SG Tempo Cassius


S. Sire: +B SGCH Tempo Yagudin


S. Dam: SGCH Windstar Notta Shy Anne 2*M 9-04 91 EEEE

                 2X Top Ten Production

Dam: SGCH Velvet-Acres Lexus' Liana 1*M 92 EEEE


D. Sire: *B Velvet-Acres Mega Man


D. Dam: CH Velvet-Acres Lexus

Linear Appraisal
1-02  84 (+VE+)
Show Placings

5 times First Place
Elite Doe
July 2012
Alpha S1 Casein
197   2390   83  70
(In progress)
Excelling in her depth of body and power, Cowgirl is exceptionally level on the move. Additionally, she possesses a beautiful head displaying correct breed type. On her second lactation, Cowgirl is averaging 1 and 1/2 gallons a day with 3% protein and 3.5% butterfat.

Cowgirl currently has two daughters in the herd: Baby Blue and Rancho-Snowfall Hello Darlin.

On May 29th, Cowgirl has joined Small Acres Farm , where she will not only be the foundation of Sydney´s LaMancha herd, but also her new showmanship doe! Cowgirl will be bred AI to *B Kastdemur´s Scotch OnThe Rocks, a son of the 2005 National Champion SGCH Kastdemur's Slice 3*M. Contact Sydney to reserve your kid.


SG Rancho-Snowfall CowgirlDontCry (AI) 2*M

SG Rancho-Snowfall Tach About Me 2*M (AI) Purebred LaMancha 06/07/10

Sire: SG +*B Kastdemur´s Tach Lach
2009 National Premier Sire
  S. Sire: +*B SGCH Kastdemur´s Sting
  S. Dam: SGCH Kastdemur´s Evian 2*M 5-06 EX 94 EEEE
              2008 and 2009 National Champion
Dam: SGCH Velvet-Acres Lexus´ Liana 1*M 92EEEE
  D. Sire: *B Velvet-Acres Mega Man
  D. Dam: CH Velvet-Acres Lexus

Linear Appraisal
2-0 86 VVVV (First Freshener)
Show Placings
1 time Grand Champion
3 times Reserve Grand Champion
6 times First Place

Tachie was a beautiful black and tan doe, with frost-tipped ears and nose, on a head that is both wedge-shaped and powerful. Tachie showed a huge
amount of body capacity for her age and she carried that width back
into her rump and down through to her hocks. The height and width of
her escutcheon line caught your eye from across the pen. Tachie had
the strength of feet and legs, with correct angulation and depth of heel.
Tachie had a beutiful fore udder, well extended and smoothly blended
into the body wall.

Tachie has 1 daughter in the herd, Rancho-Snowfall Voss My Maria.


Tach About Me
SG Rancho-Snowfall Tach About Me

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